If you like special performances this is your site.

NEBEN | DER | SPUR means OFF | THE | TRACK. It is the name of a Jazz Trio, based in Quedlinburg. At this site you will not hear any sounds, chimes or music. Of you want to hear the tones of the small band, you have to witness NEBEN | DER | SPUR in action, seeing one of their live shows. The trio performs Blues, Bossa and Broadway, the harmonies of past decades. 

NEBEN | DER | SPUR: Andriy Klymyshyn (p, g, b), Friedrich W. Pohl (voc, harp, perc), Gerold Ströher (cl, ts).

  Friedrich takes a call. The audience was wonderful. (Hofgalerie zum Blauen Stern, Sept. 2014).

  Andriy explains intricate harmonies. (Rehearsal, Nov. 2014).

  „Sax or clarinet? What Do you propose?“ Gerold asks whilst a rehearsal. (Nov. 2015).

  „Where is the cow?“ Friedrich, Andriy and a cowbell at the Palais Salfeldt/Quedlinburg. (Jan. 2015).

 „To play or not to play?“ Gerold and Andriy on stage at the Theater Halberstadt. (Jan. 2015).

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